Praying for my Husband A to Z: D is for Discernment


 Wisdom, Insight, Perception, Perceptiveness, Perceptivity, Sageness

The day I got married, I was given the right to say one of the most liberating sentences on earth, “I need to check with my husband, I will get back with you.” Isn’t it wonderful to be able to place the pressure and burden of a decision on the shoulders of someone else!  I can go to David and ask for counsel and advice but even better than that, I can go to him and ask him to make a decision for me. I can tell him the facts, tell him my desire, and then hand the burden of choice over to him. I can even use him as an excuse, something he has told me he is totally fine with. He is a good boy, willing to protect and go to bat for me any time of the day and for any reason.

There are many things my husband and I have agreed to discuss together before making a decision. We make sure we are in agreement with our budget,  major expenses, and choices that affect the family, but for the most part the burden of many decisions fall squarely upon David’s shoulders. Weather at home or at work, his decisions effect many lives and the burden of that responsibility is a heavy one to bear.

My prayer today has been that the Lord would fill my husband discernment as he leads our family and runs a business.

Father, give my husband boldness and courage as he assumes the role of father, husband, businessman & leader. Help him to filter, with spiritual eyes and godly discernment, as he leads our home.


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