Part 1- God prepares me for the task of Watering His Camels

It was my last evening at home, and I was terrified of the journey that lay ahead. I was twenty-three, single, and absolutely clueless about what I was supposed to be doing with my life. Three years earlier, homesickness forced me home from college, shattering every dream I had clung to, including the desire to be a medical missionary.  My life had not turned out as planned. By twenty-three I was supposed to be married, have at least one kid, and be on the mission field with a dashing and godly husband by my side.

My hearts desire was to serve the Lord, but I had given preeminence to a second desire that captivated and ruled every decision I made. I professed to trust God’s wisdom and will for my life, but in the same breath I secretly declared I knew best. “Whatever you ask Lord, I will do, but it has to include marriage.” I became a prisoner to my emotions, terrified to move forward for fear it would lead me away from marriage, yet I loathed the mundane, unfulfilled, meaningless life  I was living. My parents watched while I floundered, wandering  from one  job to another, seeking happiness and fulfillment. I  distinctly remember the day they approached me suggesting I attend a 3 month women’s ministry training program. I was dumbfounded! I hadn’t survived two months at a college just eight hours away yet they wanted me to fly to Texas where I would be trapped for three whole months!

I do not remember the specific events the Lord used to get me on that plane headed to Texas, but what I will never forget is the last evening I spent with my parents. My mothers charge to “Just Water the Camels” will forever remain a vivid, God ordained and inspired moment that changed my life forever.

Part 2- “Just Water the Camels

Check back this week for the rest of the story and my first giveaway.


  1. Jodi! I am enjoying this blog so much!! Thank you for being honest and sharing what is in your heart. Looking forward to much more from you.

    Blessings to you,
    Becky Cook

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