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I asked for Patience……the Lord gave me children

I asked for patience…..the Lord gave me children.

My husband paused mid stride, gazing at the obstacles standing between him and the prize, Elsie’s famous homemade meat loaf. His foe, our linoleum kitchen floor, was a formidable one. It contained a myriad of challenges, thoughtfully arranged by my three children.  The first line of defense came in the form of strategically placed puddles of chocolate milk. These puddles appeared to be a brilliant ploy meant to distract my husband’s attention from the next assault, an invisible gooey river of  cream soda. In order to avoid the chocolaty puddles of milk, my husband would have to plunge his unsuspecting feet smack into the center of exquisitely aged soda. The sticky soda was a gift lovingly deposited by my two year old son as he had demonstrated, with great enthusiasm, the precise amount of dirt a front loader could deposit into the back of an imaginary dump truck. As it happened, my freshly washed and sparkling clean kitchen floor played the role of the dump truck. His performance brought tears to my eyes.

The final assault, thoughtfully assembled for my husband’s unshod feet, would have made General Sherman proud. Macaroni and tortilla chips seem innocent, but when situated at precise and strategic  intervals, they create a force capable of bring even the strongest man to tears. With indistinct guttural exclamations, my red faced and perspiring husband crossed the  floor and took a seat.

As I plunged the knife into the aromatic mound of meat laying in the middle of the table, I noticed my husband glancing warily in the direction he had just come. He shuddered as his gaze rested upon the drink he had left at the kitchen sink. I could tell he was mentally evaluating whether it was worth retrieving. Apparently he decided dinner would be just fine without it because he remained riveted to his chair. A sigh escaped his lips and a quick look my direction wordlessly asked the question “did you clean this floor today?” The “hairy eyeball” I shot back at him muted the words before they could escaped his mouth and instead he announced, “let’s pray.”

My kitchen floor is an incredible source of irritation. No matter how many times I sweep, mop, or scrub, by dinner time it has miraculously, collected enough discarded food particles to feed a small third world family. Apparently I have repeated this phrase one time to many because anytime I dutifully recite the ol tried and true guilt trip line “Eat the food off your plate, a hungry child in Zimbabwe would give his right arm for it,” my kids promptly reply, “But mom, don’t we send them what is on our kitchen floor?”

We were at the dinner table one evening, when my son dumped his drink all over my freshly cleaned floor. In a huff, I bounded toward the river of milk as it oozed across the sparkling linoleum tile. I snatched up his cup and exclaimed “Can’t it stay clean for at least fifteen minutes, is that too much to ask?” With great gusto, I threw the cup into the sink and then nosily gathered the necessary cleaning supplies. I gave a smart whack to anything within reach that was capable of producing noise. If I was to be inconvenienced, have my supper interrupted, and my clean floor soiled once again, I was determined to make all parties present, guilty or not, understand the severity the offense that had just taken place. My “righteous indignation” was quickly replaced with shame when my husband crashed my cozy pity party with the words “That’s right Owen, how dare you spill something on mom’s precious floor, stop acting like a little kid.” Immediately, my shoulders dropped in disgrace. I took a deep breath and with shame apologized to my cowering children and very wise and patient husband.

The meal continued without further incident, but I felt defeated and frustrated. We finished dinner and  once the kids left the kitchen, I turned toward my husband and with frustration exclaimed, “David, I have a patience and anger problem. I do not like who I am right now, what in the world is wrong with me? What do I need to do in my life in order to react and respond correctly to the kids?” David’s response was not what I expected. I wanted to hear some consoling remark about how great a mom I was and how demanding the kids could be, but his reply was “Well Jody, what “right” do you feel they are violating when they spill a drink on your clean floor?” I looked at him thinking no, you don’t understand what I mean”, but later when I thought about my reaction and the struggle I was having with my patience and temper, I realized his question truly addressed the heart of my struggle.

I asked for patience……..

The Lord must have smiled.

He gave me children….Three of


I have never been a patient person. When I decided to make the Lord privy to my secret struggle, I did something very foolish, I asked for patience. The Lord must have smiled when I made that request, because he answered my earnest prayers and gave me children….three of them. Having children revealed a level of selfishness I never knew or perhaps more correctly never wanted to admit existed in my life. When I asked David how I could become more patient with the kids, I wanted an easy magic wand kind of answer, but his question revealed that my understanding of patience was somewhat flawed.

Patience is not just a Christ like trait I wield when needed, because patience is both the fruit of Christ likeness as well as an indicator of the absence of unChristlike thing in my life. David’s point was that the seed of patience would take root and be evident in my life when I consistently chose to yield my rights and die to myself. Patience is born out of an unquenchable love for others.

“No greater Love hath any man than this than

that he lay down his life for another.”

If you ask, why has the Lord not wiped sinful, disobedient, ungrateful man off the face of the earth, the answer is that it is because of his unfathomable and majestic love.  Because he loves me, and because he is steadfast and patient, He sacrificed His glory and honor, postponing what I deserves so that He could ransom and save me.  He loved me so much that he yielded all heavenly rights and privileges to rescue, ransom, and redeem me. His love drove, empowered, and enabled him to lay down his life knowing his gift would be rejected, misused, and misunderstood. I looked at patience as a means or tool simply for restraining fleshly impulses. I wanted patience to be like a magical tool I could whip out when I decided I needed it, something that would give me the power to subdue a fleshly reaction, to help me endure a situation. My husband correctly reminded me, that if sin, and in my case selfishness existed in my heart, there was no room for patience and this was why I was unable to respond correctly to my kids.

I can’t have it both ways, just as Christ and unrighteousness can not dwell together, patience and any other ungodly attribute can’t exist in the same body and at the same time. My frustration and anger existed first because I was selfish, and secondly because my selfishness gave place to an anger I rationalized. My sinful response was okay because my “rights” had been violated. These two sins snowballed into outbursts that lacked true love, self-control, and patience towards my kids. The Lord could have sent down a boat load of patience and set it at my feet but it would have been useless to me because when selfishness and sin is present, no room is left for patience to take root and reside.

To win my battle over impatience and anger, I needed to die to my “rights” relinquishing hold of any rewards I thought I deserved as a wife and mother. I could not partition off sections of my life, giving only what I wanted give when I thought it was fair or deserved. True Godly patience is placing the emotional, spiritual, and physical needs of my kids and other ahead of myself. It is being willing to invest my life into theirs for as long as I am asked by the Lord to do so, free of any terms or limitations. Patience is not simply tolerating the bickering, clamoring, and demands that my family places upon me, but also seeing their sinfulness and humanity as my opportunity to put to death a little bit more of myself.

Patience is the ability to get up quietly and retrieve a rag, cleaning up a mess without huffs or sullen countenance. Patience is the ability to serve and love with out others noticing it is being done. Patience and love sees each mess as an opportunity instead of an offense. Patience is demonstrating that my love is steadfast and unconditional, not based on a reward system in which the love can be revoked when someone makes a mistake or hurts me. I demonstrate patience when I am able to continuously invest my time and energy into the lives of others, knowing I may never see the fruit of my work or receive a word of thanks or affirmation.

I am not advocating self-seeking martyrdom, but we are called to be servants, and to lay our lives down for others just as Christ did for us. Unlike the men and women who physically served masters out of forced duty, and void of love, we have a promise. As Christians we are given a promise of eternal reward for our sacrifice. “Ye have need of patience, after that ye have done the will of God, ye might receive the promise.” Sacrificing for my family may not produce perfect kids who never spill milk on my dinning room table, but I have a promise from God the Righteousness, who can not proclaim something and do differently. He promises that when patience fosters obedience to His commands, in the end, there will be a blessing and that blessing is a transformation. What an amazing thought it is. If I die to myself, the day when my house is demolished by three wild kids, Jody the impatient and angry will not be present to respond to her kids. She will be replaced with Jody, the transformed daughter of Christ. This is who my kids will see standing in the middle of the floor reacting to their mess.

How differently my day looks when needs, offences, and sacrafices are embraced as opportunities instead of offences! How differently we look to others when we die to self and allow the love of God to transform our hearts and minds.

Months after my ugly response at dinner, I received a gift from the Lord. A mess had been made, but a mama’s heart was being transformed by the Lord. Instead of harsh words, came consolation and a quiet clean-up. Tears sprang to my eyes, born of both thanks and sorrow when a little voice piped up,  “I love you mama, your nice now.”

Christianity is the Cause of Immorality and Destruction He Declares….

Christianity is the Cause of Immorality and Destruction He Declares….

Should Christians weigh in? 

I was preparing to make the next post in our series on overcoming pain when I got into a discussion with some people concerning a news report. What started as a “How did a couple get convicted for murder by a mere suggested hypothetical cause of death (The body was never found and they are now free and seeking restitution of their name) turned into a “Man deserves this because we took land that belonged to the animals” debate.

I love animals, but I get particularly irritated by this logic and argument so I added my two cents. Below is the conversation that ensued. As Believers, our world view stands in stark contrast to the world. Often times I hesitate to say anything because I fear I will be made a fool or fail in my attempt to share the truth.

They Have A Faulty World View but We Hesitate To Share!

It bothers me to see so many false accusations against Christ go unchallenged. Those deluded and blinded by sin clamor loudly, professing lies to a dying world and so often they go unchallenged. What keeps you from sharing? How do you know when to stand and share and when to refrain from “Casting your pearls before swine?”

We are told not to rebuke a scorner but we are told to correct the simple and they will learn. So what do you do when a scorner is speaking and the simple are listening? We do not have enough time and energy to refute every lie, but I don’t believe we can simply let the wicked speak without ever challenging them.

How would you share with a person who holds the views quoted below? Especially the one who equates “Christians” & God with the wars and oppression that grow each passing day?

I guess as I chatted with Bigevermo, I wasn’t so much trying to reach him, I was thinking about others who would read his claims and accept them as truth.

We are told to be ready to share about the Hope that empowers us. When do you share, and when do you knock the dust from your shoes and leave?

I am c******k, the others are the two I am chatting with:

@c*******k, I would say that we are not doing well with the ‘what sets us apart’ part. Humans have caused more death and destruction and permanent damage to this amazing planet than any plant or animal, native or not. We are the ones that need to be controlled – my opinion of course.

@ C*******k… Hence war, murder, abuse, neglect, oppression….. those have all been done by religious people with a “higher authority” moral code… it is a logical fallacy to say that man would have no moral code if it were not for a higher authority. MANY religious wars, Inquisitions, and other atrocities have been done in the name of God!!

just sayin… and to the OP… i cant believe these people were convicted with such circumstantial evidence…i hope they get their names cleared… at least as far as the court goes… i wonder if they will ever lose the reputation as killers of the own child…good luck people!

B********o @C*******k

Hey C******* YOUR religion of which i speak!!   you wrote:so He sent His Son,
so that means you are a Christian… never heard of the Holy Wars/, the Inquizition and other wars based on religious views? …….. so you see it is Religion and basic resources that is the cause of most if not all wars sir… the higher moral authoruty allows some people to think that they have a moral code that is “higher” than people without religion…point being… there are people without religion that have just as good or better moral codes than religious people… I know that this concept will be hard to wrap your brain around… but it is truth to me. 🙂

So, when do you share? When do you keep silent? What if you are not an expert, can you do more harm by standing up for the truth than if you just stay silent? I ended my discussion with B*******o by simply presenting the gospel and then I excused myself from the conversation.

Originally I posted my replies to the responses, but that made for long reading with little value to my point. What would you say to these people? Would you say anything? Why? Why not?

Welcome Loxlia from Lovelycrumbs, today’s guest blogger on Overcoming The Pain Of Abandonment.

The Gift of pain driving me Home.

Tiny fingers wrapped up in softness, clinging as the roll unravels across the room. Mama sits, tears born of infidelity spilling over. And in my two-year-old wisdom I know, when someone cries you comfort. So I hand her the end of the toilet paper. The long streamer of white still attached to the bathroom wall. Unravelled like our life, our family. And the ache is born in my tiny heart.

Two years pass. The same fingers, grown a little longer now, twist and pull at layers of pastel ruffles. Willing them to somehow cover the broken heart inside. Across the street sits a moving truck. Taunting, like a huge skyscraper laying on its side. The man of this little-girl’s heart, leaving for the last time.

I stand silent. There is no sound except for the truck engine running, threatening to leave. NO sound. And there is screaming in my heart. Hysterical pleading. Desperate to stop the shattering in my chest. There is no sound. Only quiet, creeping numbness.

Years pass. The pain of being left-behind festering. Buried deep. Silently slumbering, waiting to breathe. I live searching for love. Seeking to fill the ache. Pieces of shattered glass clenched tight in bleeding hands. I am broken. Broken by a father that didn’t stay. And in desperation I have chosen to be numb. To NOT feel. Anything. To feel nothing.

Broken memories. Pain-filled days. A life lived so tightly it suffocates. There is no joy. Very little laughter. Only the agony of not being enough…

More years, more wounds. And then I am standing in front of a casket. A box holding the loving mother of the man I love, as much as I am capable. My heart, still shattered. The bits of broken glass forcing their way to the surface, pressing through my weeping heart. The pieces of me spilling out onto the floor like a thousand marbles in a silent church. The numbness peeled back. I am raw.

The relationship ends, unable to withstand the crushing weight of death. And I am left with only pain. Wrenching, debilitating pain. The pain that has boiled and burned below the surface is now pushing, forcing its way out. I am agony. I am weeping. I live my life in between the moments of tears. Working, barely eating, and devouring the Word. The Word that has always been a part of my life, but is now all of my life. And there is light in my darkness. Healing in my pain.

That was only the beginning of this journey. The Gift of pain driving me Home.

It continues on still. Half-a-lifetime later, it continues still. The Refining, the Renewing. There is still suffering, still pain. But now there is Freedom. This pain no longer belongs to me and when it is Surrendered it becomes Holy. Filled with Him. And I am free to live Cradled in Grace.

There is still pain. Sometimes its crushing. But I don’t have to carry it alone anymore.

Really, I never did. I just wasn’t willing to let go. Afraid that if I opened my clenched fists my broken heart would bleed to death.

I have learned to Cling. To Surrender the pain. Whether it is born of the heart or the body is not important. It matters only what you do with it. I’m desperate every second to place it in the only Hands capable of carrying it. Healing it.

And now in raw, utter dependence, pain has been made Good.

“The hurt borne in God’s way brings a change of heart to good to regret. But the hurt borne in the world’s way brings death.” 2 Corinthians 7:10

Loxlia Robb @ lovelycrumbs

I am pleased to announce the February/March giveaway.

This contest starts today and the drawing will take place on or around March 23rd. I would like to introduce some of my favorite authors. John Piper, Gary Thomas, & Beth Moore. All have written books the Lord has used to minister, encourage, and teach me throughout times of testing, rest, trials, peace, sorrow and Joy. You can enter multiple time throughout the month, but you can only win one book. To enter each week, share the blogs on Press This, Linked In, FB, Titter and Digg. As you read and enjoy the wisdom and insight from some special guest bloggers come back and mention how you have entered and also what book you would like to have. You only have to mention the book you want one time. Make sure to mention how you have entered each time so I can  record each entry. Please leave a link to your blog in your responses if you have written a blog on pain or any other topic you feel is relevant. If you have a story to share, please contact me and we will get you on the schedule to share.

John Piper:

John Piper

BOOK #1 When the Darkness Will Not Lift: Doing What We Can While We Wait for God–and Joy

“It is utterly crucial that in our darkness we affirm the wise,strong hand of God to hold us, even when we have no strength tohold him.” John Piper

Even the most faithful, focused Christians can encounter periodsof depression and spiritual darkness when joy seems to stay justout of reach. It can happen because of sin, satanic assault,distressing circumstances, or hereditary and other physical causes.In When the Darkness Will Not Lift, John Piper aims togive some comfort and guidance to those experiencing spiritualdarkness.

Readers will gain insight into the physical side of depressionand spiritual darkness, what it means to wait on the Lord in a timeof darkness, how unconfessed sin can clog our joy, and how to minister to others who are living without light. Piper usesreal-life examples and sensitive narrative to show readers abundant reason to hope that God will pull them out of the pit of despairand into the light once again.

Beth Moore:


Beth Moore

BOOK #2 Get Out of That Pit: Straight Talk about God’s Deliverance

From her first breath of fresh air beyond the pit, it has never been enough for Beth Moore to be free. This best-selling author and Bible teacher who has opened the riches of Scripture to millions longs for you to be free as well-to know the Love and Presence that are better than life and the power of God’s Word that defies all darkness.

Beth’s journey out of the pit has been heart-rending. But from this and the poetic expressions of Psalm 40 has come the reward: a new song for her soul, given by her Saviour and offered to you in Get Out of That Pit-friend to friend. This is Beth’s most stirring message yet of the sheer hope, utter deliverance, and complete and glorious freedom of God:

I waited patiently for the Lord. He turned to me and heard my cry. He lifted me out of the slimy pit

He set my feet on a rock. He put a new song in my mouth

It is a story, a song-a salvation-that you can know too.

Gary Thomas:

Gary Thomas

BOOK #3 Authentic Faith: The Power of a Fire-Tested Life

Fortify your commitment to Christ by examining ten ‘authentic’ disciplines God uses to forge a fire-tested faith. What if the spiritual disciplines that bring us closer to God are not the ones we control? Bestselling author Gary Thomas reveals the rich benefits that derive from embracing the harder truths of Scripture. With penetrating insight from Scripture and the Christian classics, along with colorful and engaging stories, this eye-opening look at what it means to be a true disciple of Jesus will encourage you, bolster your faith, and help you rise above shallow attachments to fix your heart on things of eternal worth.

Living in a World of Uncertainty, Confusion, Chaos, and Pain?

Are you Single & Alone?

Are you married but lonely?

Is your life filled with uncertainty, confusion, chaos, and pain?

Let me introduce to you He who reigns king over chaos & pain!

From the start, Jesus life was besieged by supernatural opposition and satanic chaos. The Lord of Creation sent His Beloved Son into a world marred by sin but his presence did not vanquish the pain and trials the world groaned under, rather for a time, it seemed to heighten and intensify them.

The arrival of Jesus cost Mary and Joseph their reputation and honor. Within years of his prophesied birth, the anguished cries of mothers filled the air in the streets of Bethlehem as the lives of all male babies, ages five and under were slaughtered by a wicked ruler driven by maddness to preserve his kindgom. John, who faithfully proclaimed the arrival of the long awaited Messiah, was cast into prison and beheaded. Many who believed, professed, and followed Him were cast out of the temple and spurned by the spiritual leaders of the day. From the start, pain and anguish marked the path he trod. When the Son of the Heavenly became the Heavenly Son of Man the entire world was turned upsde down, yet none of these days compares to the chaos and darkness that marred the earth on the eve and day of his Crucifixion.

Can you imagine
the torment and pain Jesus endured during the last 48 hours of His life?

Can you comprehend the crushing force of mental and spiritual weariness that pressed down upon His human shoulders compelling Him to confess to His disciples “My soul is very sorrowful, even unto death”?

Can you see his mentally exhausted body, that knows the worst is yet to come, resting in garden as He prays to His Father “Let this cup pass, nevertheless not my will but Thine be done.”

Look ahead and let your gaze fall upon the rock where he obediently and patiently waits. It is sticky, colored crimson with the first of many drops of blood that He will spill willingly on behalf of mankind?

Can you hear the vulgar sound of the wip as is sails throuth the air just before burying itself deep within the flesh and muscle of his chest, back, and sides?

I marvel at the Love, the Father demonstrates for us, as he holds back the straining legions of stunned angelic warriors wide eyed and repulsed by the sight of the The Son of God, marred beyond recognition.

Can you hear the collective groan of all creation as it bears witness to the rejection of the Son of Man by the Righteous Judge?

Can you hear Jesus scream out “My God, My God, why have you forsaken me?” while His Father turns away disgusted by the condemning sins of the world born in love on the body of the Son in whom He delights?

This was the epitome Chaos!

 He was:

Alone, Missunderstood, Sold Out, Betrayed, Abandoned, Denied, Mocked, Falsely Accused, Denied, Beat, Physically Abused, Paraded, Chided, Denied, Humiliated, Crucified.



He willingly stood among chaos, surrounded by sheer confusion and upheaval, YET every time a new figgure accused him, every time another hand struck him, every time a voice rose to proclaim “Crucify him”, He stood there willingly, obediently, gloriously.

He was never withiout power, never stripped of His Diety. He was never afraid and never surprised.

I love how our pastor put it today. Every step he took, from the garden, to the courtyards and secret chamber discussions with Pilate & Herod, were ordained by God. All events leading to His crucifixion were like a great chess match. No matter how skillfully the opposition played their pawns, or how methodically they planned their moves, they could never outplay Him. In fact every move the Sanheidrin made was a move allowed by Christ- planned, ordained, and even foretold. They made no accusition, struck no blows, proclaimed no sentence except what the Holy Righteous, Loveing God allowed.

He reigns amidst Chaos so you don’t have to!

What does Jesus life and story do for you? Is your life chaotic? Are you confused. Look at the list above, do any of the emotions or abuses Jesus went through during His dark night, ring familiar in your heart? Are you alone and suffering in silent pain? Do you feel rejected, abused, abandoned? Guess what, your life and your trials are no surprise to Him. He sees all, understands all. Though man stands haughty and proud, exulting in sin at the expense of others, Christ is Lord of all. You are His Beloved Child. You have not been abandoned. You are not being punished. Do not think it strange my child He whispers. They hated you, they will hate me. Endure for but a little. I am with you. As you pass through this fire you will not be consumed. As you struggle in the flood of waters, you will not drown. Hang to my promise, there is a wealthy place. Your trial, like mine, sometimes deals death to the flesh, brings great sorrow to the heart, yet in those deathblows is life and glory, strength and honor. Not a hair from your head will fall that he does not see. Not one single word or offence can slice into your bleeding and hurting heart without Him knowing, allowing, using your pain to transform you and glorify Himself. What man intends for evil, God takes and transforms into beauty. Because He is God, he can take the most wicked intentions of man’s heart, turning the worst man has to offer into an instrument to produce the most beautiful works of God, healing, and strength.

Will you trust your chaotic and painful life into His hands. He exalted and reigned over sin and death, now let Him be exalted and reign in your pain and suffering. You do not suffer without cause, you do not suffer without a purpose. Cry out as He did years ago in the garden, “Let this cup pass, nevertheless, not your will but mine.”

During the month of February we will have a number of guest bloggers who will be writing on specific areas of pain they have experienced. These will include singleness, abandonment, physical pain and so on. So come back each week to read the stories of these amazing women and the amazing God they serve and Love.

This week, I am excited to introduce Loxlia from Lovelycrumbs. Loxlia will be our guest blogger this week, and will be sharing how the Lord has used a specific pain in her life to draw herself to Him. Be sure and stop by her blog and read her beautiful words of wisdom and hope.

I will introduce the February giveaway with her post so stay tuned for some exciting offerings.

The Purpose of Pain

Why Is There Pain?

Have you ever heard a story that goes something like this?

While getting dressed one morning, a woman in perfect shape notices a seemingly insignificant mole on her skin that doesn’t look normal. Although she can’t remember the last time she had any health concerns, she schedules a Dr. Appointment to get the sore checked out. The woman’s life is shattered a few days later when she is informed she has melanoma. The disease has spread throughout ther body and though she appears healthy and feels fine, the prognosis is grim, she is dying.

Death is cruel, but a disease that eats at the body, silently stealing the precious life of the unsuspecting victim seems even more ruthless. No normal human enjoys pain. Our first reaction when we feel it is to recoil away from its source. The Creator made us this way as a means of physical preservation. Though pain is unpleasant, it becomes an alarm that captures our attention demanding change. When our physical bodies suffer, we immediately want to know what is wrong and how we can fix the problem. Without pain, our bodies would be broken and overcome before we ever had a chance to live. In this bizarre sense, Pain is a blessing.

In medicine, pain is approached in a methodical manner. Doctors look at symptoms, environment, and other factors to determine its source. They don’t simply treat the pain, they search for its origin.

When I broke my wrist, I told the Doctor I was playing basketball, was fouled making a jump-shot, and then broke my fall with my hand, which had absorbed the impact of my body when it hit the ground. With that information gathered, my pain was no longer the focal point. The Doctors focus shifted to the source of my pain, a bulging, disfigured, purple, swollen wrist. The doctor did not try to rid my wrist of the blue hue by applying makeup. He did not use a knife to cut the grotesque bulge away. He did not simply hand me medicine to make my brain and pain receptors oblivious to the discomfort. His job was to go as deep into the anatomy of my wrist as possible pinpointing the source of the pain, so he could fix what was wrong. In my case it was a broken ulna. Once the diagnosis of a break was made, a splint was not put on my foot, balm was not rubbed on my chest. The doctor did not sever the nerves in my wrist and arm so I could not sense the pain caused by the break. The goal was not to rid me of the pain but to deal with its source. The wisdom of the Doctor reasoning was this, “Fix the break and eventually you will get rid of the pain.” My wrist was straightened, the bone was set, and my entire arm from elbow to knuckles was wound inside a protective cast to protect and keep it immobile. I was given a sling, a list of do’s and don’ts, and four weeks later I walked out of the Dr. office with a weak, but perfectly healed wrist.

What Do I Do With My Pain?

Have you ever been held captive by any of the emotions below? Do you relate to any of them right now?

Lonelinees, Fear, Rejection, Sadness, Betrayal, Confused, Discouraged, Insignificant, Invisible, Rejected, Unimportant, Misunderstood, Angry, Worthless, Guilty, Forgotten, Powerless, Weak, Terrified, Skeptical, Violated, Taken Advantage of, Imprisoned, Unloved, Unwanted, Untrusting, Cynical, Cheated…..

All these are pains that torment our souls. As Beth Moore illustrated in her book, “Get Out of that Pit”, sometimes these pains are the result our own sinful actions. Sometimes they are wounds viciously inflicted at the hand of another. Other times they are the result of innocent decisions we have made.

No matter which emotions oppress and crush your heart, there is a reason for the pain, and there is a liberating hope and power at your disposal. It does no good to bury the pain, or to distract ourselves from an oppressive emotion. We can not swap out relationships, activities, and pursuits to find freedom. This pseudo releif from our pain is only a temporary respite. This season of quietness will only last until the disease we have ignored grows larg enough to destroy even those things capeable of still bringing joy, pleasure, and happiness.

When our hearts are broken, our spirits overwhelmed, and our emotions smothering us in a pit we can’t escape, there is but one thing to do, run to the Great Physician. Fall into the arms of your Abba Father, your Daddy. There is a purpose in the pain. There will be an end to the sorrow. Beauty will arise from the ashes. Pain screams there is a problem and the pain demands action.

Over the next few weeks I would like to focus on the topic of pain, it’s source, its purpose, and its cure. I know so many single women struggling with loneliness and the fear they will be alone for the rest of their lives. I am overwhelmed by the number of wives reeling and incapacitated by the pain of betrayal. Our churches are filled with brothers and sisters so weary from battle they wonder if there will be anything left, anything worth fighting for.

Merrit from Livesimplylove, will be joining us in our series about overcoming pain, and I am excited about other guests who have graciously agreed to share on this blog. If you are struggling with loneliness, fear, rejection, loss, or any other pain please feel free to ask questions. If you have been through a dark valley and the Lord has brought you through would you consider sharing your story or insight? If you have blogged on this topic please leave a comment with a link to your site. If you wouold like to guest blog on this topic please let me know and I will put you on the schedule.

My February giveaway will include some amazing books I have read which focus on overcoming the pain in our lives. Stay tuned for the start of the giveaway.

As you go, consider this promise, from God, the Righteous, the True, the Faithful.

Isaiah 43:2
When you pass through the waters, I will be with you;

and through the rivers, they shall not overwhelm you;

when you walk through fire you shall not be burned,

and the flame shall not consume you.