Praying for My Husband A to Z: Selfish Prayers- Regrouping and Refocusing for the Coming Week

Ten years ago David and I entered into a covenant relationship with each other. In front of hundreds of witnesses, David promised to give to me what no other person now has a right to, his heart, love, body, and life. I am David’s wife, partner, helpmeet, and confidant, the person he chose to make himself vulnerable to.

Though the Bible teaches that in this covenant relationship, I am the weaker vessel, in truth I hold amazing power and control over David. I posses the ability to crush his spirit and I can single-handedly bring calamity, ruin, and shame into the spiritual temple and physical home he is striving to build. Psalms and Proverbs explains that I can be odious, deceptive, and like a dripping faucet. Through my words, actions, and attitudes I can dishonor and tear down, but through the grace and power of God I have a second option. I can be the woman who works behind the scenes to make her husband “ known among the elders of the land.”

As I have focused on becoming an intercessory warrior for David, the Lord has convicted my heart concerning motives that often drive my prayer life. Many times, my prayers for David are born out of personal fear and selfishness. I pray for purity because I don’t want emotional ruin. I pray for wise business decisions because I don’t want my cozy life taken away. I pray for a wise spiritual father for our kids, because I don’t want my heart crushed by rebellious and foolish children. There are times I have even ignore the prompting to pray for something because the ramifications might bring about unwanted and painful disruptions to my easygoing life. I in no way mean to infer that the above prayers are bad, and that it is wrong to pray for areas that affect my life as well as my husbands, but I feel the Lord has exposed some selfishness tendencies that need addressed because they impede the goal of prayer, a life and heart transformed and yielded to the Creator it is crying out to.

I do not want pride and selfishness to create a facade of true love, I want to love truly, painfully, completely, and with abandonment. This love is directed towards my Heavenly Father whose sole purpose for my life and our marriage is to bring glory to himself. By loving Him completely, I can love David selflessly. By desiring God’s best for my life, David’s life, and our marriage, I am empowered and free to pray the “Anything” kind of prayers.

Lord, you created me to be David’s help-meet, willing to be the unseen warrior on the sideline cheering my man onto victory and godliness. Father, I want my prayers and moments of fellowship with you to be pure and free of fear, pride, and selfishness. Father guide my heart, mind, will, emotions, and affections this week as I focus on your will and purpose for my husband, our marriage, and my life. Father create in me a clean heart willing to decrease so that David can increase. Father help me to walk in the spirit, and in newness of life. My life is yours, hid in the life and blood of your son. My husband is yours, hid in the life and blood of your son. We do not belong to another, we belong to you. Our marriage is not for our happiness, but rather your Holiness and glory. Let your will and way be done in our lives. Amen

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