About Jody

I am a blessed wife, and mother of three precious children. Although English and grammar were never my cup of tea, I have felt an unquenchable burdened to record and share how the Grace of God has transformed my life . As a young girl I vividly remember an ever-growing collection of notebooks in my father’s bookshelves. My father never let a single day pass without recording an insight from scripture, prayer requests answered or made, or a blessing he received from God. “Jody, every person has a life story” he told me countless times, and he encourage me to journal and record my story. God is at work in our life and if we don’t record his marvelous works, we will forget “Red sea experiences” and miss countless blessings.



    1. Thank you for stopping by. I make typos even with spell check and predictive text! I look forward to reading more of your site. Please leave a link to a blog with good advice for us!

  1. Thank you for visiting/following my blog, Jodi! I love the title of your book, “Just Water the Camels!” Looking forward to reading more of your blog…It sounds like your dad is a man of great wisdom.

  2. I am honored with your visit and comments to Shadows. Thanks ever so much!!! Hope to hear from you often. Blessings.

  3. Jody, you are one of my favorite memories of those years in Dallas. Remember you telling us way back then about “watering the camels”. Glad I found your blog.

    1. You can not begin to comprehend how special it is to me to connect up with you again after all these years! I have the best memories of that special time!!! How are you!!!???

  4. I am so glad I stopped by. Your post today is beautiful. I love the book of Isaiah. I enjoyed reading your father’s thoughts. Such truth, we all have a story to share.

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