A to Z: Overcoming Rage


1a : violent and uncontrolled angerb : a fit of violent wrathc archaic : insanity
2: violent action (as of wind or sea)
3: an intense feeling : passion


Have you even had a “Mirror Moment“? A time when God smote your heart into a puddle by lovingly placing a mirror smack dab in front of you face. An unforgettable instance when He gave you a glimpse of just how ugly and unnatural a specific sin was in your life?


I remember one of my many “Mirror Moments” with great clarity and disgust. My sweet little Mollie had done something wrong. There was no rebellion or disobedience in her act, it was just a kid’s-will-be-kids moment. I opened my mouth and with my tongue, I let her have it. My words lashed out with precision, cutting deep into her vulnerable defenseless heart. Before the last word was out, wham the mirror dropped. My rage was parted by the chastising hand of the Lord. With the cloud of anger parted, I could see my precious child and look into her wide eyes. I saw the ugly effect of my sin upon her spirit and I was undone. Oh how I wanted to grab those words and shove them back inside my mouth.


At that moment I hated who I was. I despised the anger and wrath that ruled my heart. I knew I needed help and I cried out to the Lord for mercy, forgiveness, and a transformed heart. Thus began a painful yet loving journey to overcome rage and anger, and at the heart of it all selfishness.


Please  join me here as I share a story about one way the Lord did/has/is transforming my heart. The story is titled ‘I asked for Patience. The Lord gave me children, three of them.


  1. I once slapped my toddler in public.. only one of two times I ever did that. I was horrified! I’m trying to visit all the A-Z Challenge Blogs this month. My alphabet is at myqualityday.blogspot.com

  2. I can remember the sinking feeling in my heart and in my stomach when I overreacted to my daughter when she was little.

  3. In the past I have overreacted and regretted it. All you can do at that moment is apologize and make a huge effort not to do that again. And of course, forgive yourself.

  4. Excellent post. We have all done this. Oh to be able to turn the hands of the clock back even 5 minutes.

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