Praying for my Husband A to Z: H is for Humility


James 4:6

 But he gives more grace. Therefore it says, “God opposes the proud, but gives grace to the humble.”

James 4:6 Is a terrifying verse. Forget about an employee competing with the guy next to him for a promotion, or foolish kids engaging in a brawl, for bragging rights. According to this verse pride pits you against the Lord of the Universe.

David and I just saw the Avengers and in an abstract sense the words “God resists or opposes the proud” is illustrated perfectly when the egotistical bad man proclaims “don’t you know who I am, I am a god?” What follows is a thorough, bone crunching thrashing  by the Hulk who after smearing the floor with Mr. Proud,  disgustedly wipes his hands proclaiming as he walks away “puny god!”

To  challenge and pit ourselves against God is not only foolhardy, it is plain suicidal, but when pride takes root in our lives, this is exactly what we are doing. Not only will God not share His Glory with man, He will oppose and strive against any man who attempts to take it. Guess who wins this contest every time! This is what makes pride dangerous and why I am praying for humility in the heart and life of my husband.

Lord, my husband faces many challenges throughout the day. He works with many people who have differing opinions, strengths, and weaknesses. Please give him humility and the ability to listen to and respond to the grievances, needs, advice and counsel of others. Help him to respond to criticism and crisis with grace. Give him the power and ability to lead his business, and family with patience and wisdom. Father, renew and transform David’s heart so he is a man who serves you not a man who strives against you. Bless him Lord as he serves you. Amen

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