Praying For My Husband A to Z: B is for Boldness


Philippians 1:20
According to my earnest expectation and my hope,

that in nothing I shall be ashamed, but that with all boldness,

as always, so now also Christ shall be magnified in my body,

whether it be by life, or by death.

Boldness is a requirement for all who lead. Leaders bear the burden and responsibility of life & death, success or failure, profit & loss. As the leader of our homes and marriages, our husbands take the first step into battle, placing themselves squarely in the line of fire. They take this leap because it is their calling and duty but also because they love us. They sacrifice, labor, and fight trusting we have their back and are going to be there right beside them.

Our husbands fight in many different arenas throughout their week. Every building they enter can become a war zone. Factories, offices, gyms, the home, and even church can provide a host of challenges & opportunities, temptations & trials. Most of our husbands work in secular arenas, with people who disagree with and even challenge their beliefs and standards. Life can be lonely when you take a stand and choose to do or say what is right instead of what is popular.

Today I am praying the Lord gives my husband boldness  as he works, leads, and interacts with his employees & customers.

Father, you have promised that today you will give David all the grace and strength he needs in order to “walk worthy” of the calling you have given him, but this doesn’t mean that every decisions and interactions with others will be easy. Father, give him boldness when faced with situations that challenge the holy life you have called him to. Lord, fill his heart with the power of your Spirit enabling him to stand and fight for truth, honor, and your glory. Give him a boldness and passion for you that makes sharing his faith and your presence in his life a delight instead of a duty. Amen


    1. Ahhh, balance. Now that is a good one I never thought of. Thank you so much for joining in. Pray for that man the Lord is preparing for you. Mine went through so much leading up to the moment he and I became official 🙂

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