A to Z challenge: X is for eXist


1. To have actual being; be real.
2. To have life; live
3. To continue to be;
At the heart of why I strive to overcome and want to overcome in life, is the existence of God.  I am compelled and driven by a desire to fight, obtain, and conquer not out of fear, self preservation, or gain,  but out of sheer delight and love.


My heart was bound to His the day He took my place on the cross and died the death I deserved. His Grace, mercy and love did not stop there, for my entire life He has walked with me hedging, protecting, correcting, loving, giving, and transforming me from the inside out.


To suggest that God does not exist and that I can not prove it, when I am standing before you as living proof He  lives, rules and reigns in the affairs of man, is ludacris. It would be akin to the pharisees who demanded Jesus prove He was God’s son after he had walked among them for years doing sings, wonders, and miracles. If man refuses to accept what has all ready been said, done and proven, nothing more will.


God is not a genie bottle to be rubbed or shaken in order to receive what we want or need. No man has the right to demand God prove Himself to be who He claims by performing a series of tricks or magic acts. He created the world, He foretold the wondrous plan of His redemption of man, and then He came and fulfilled every word of prophecy written about His birth and life. He lived in submission and obedience to His Father, taking upon Himself the sins of the world. He Bore the punishment of all mankind on the cross, enduring a violent, gruesome, excruciating painful death and then He defeated sin and death by rasing from the dead. If none of these things move a man’s heart, nothing will!  Man can’t reject all this and then sit in his living room and cry out for God to prove He exists by making  a,b, & c magically appear. God will not oblige an unbelieving heart. You will never discover “Truth” by setting out to prove it doesn’t exists.


It is akin to an total stranger telling me my sister Amy does not exist. Amy lives seven minutes down the road. She is an amazing wife, mother, and friend. For over twenty years she has given much to me on both a physical and spiritually level. She has blazed trails for me my entire life, always going before, making my path a bit easier to walk. She has offered advice and at times cold hard truth that was hard to swallow but spot on. She loves me, and I love her. We are family. Her impact in my life is monumental and I would be lost without her. I am a better person because of her. I have become a better wife and mother because of her wise and godly council. She has rubbed off on me and often times people remark  how alike we are, and that they can tell we are family, sisters, related.


Those of you living on the other side of this computer screen have not and can not see Amy, but it would be illogical for you to say she does not exist simply because you have never met her or received a phone call from her. It would be illogical to declare is impossible that Amy has ever given me advice, gifts, or visited me in my home simply because you were not present when she did so or because she has never done the same for you.


To declare that you have searched extensively online, read books, and asked those around you if she exists and they said no, proves your conclusion that she can not exist would be illogical. No matter what research, books, or opinion you form, you can’t make Amy disappear from my life nor could you disprove the physical, mental & spiritual impact she has had in my life. I could produce physical records that verify, her existence and accomplishments. If that were not enough, I could present thousands of others who have met her personally and benefited from her life, but if your heart is bent on her not existing, chances are you would not accept this proof either.


To emphatically demand Amy does not exist would be foolishness yet this is the logic of so many seeking to prove God doesn’t exist. They set out, not to find Him, but to prove He can’t possibly be real. They seek proof to substantiate their claim using the research and writings of  others who don’t know God, but they will never accept the living testimony of millions of men and women past and present who stand as living witness to His presence and the liberty, freedom, and transformation He has given to them .


Yesterday I wrote about the wisdom that is from above. Without God’s grace poured out,  opening the hearts and eyes of man, this wisdom is foolishness.  Until God opens the eyes and heart of man, up is down, right is wrong, reality is fiction, and death is life. Do you know someone shackled by unbelief? Is your heart burdened for one who can’t see truth and freedom when it is  standing before them beckoning?


Would you join me, committing to pray for loved-ones, friends, co-workers, acquaintances, and neighbors whose eyes and hearts are blinded. We are surrounded by so many who have never experienced the triumph, hope, joy, and peace you know and revel in. Will you lift up those who remain shackled and imprisoned though hope and freedom is just inches away? He has overcome the evil one, victory is His, it is ours, and it can be theirs!


“Greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world”

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