Christianity is the Cause of Immorality and Destruction He Declares….

Christianity is the Cause of Immorality and Destruction He Declares….

Should Christians weigh in? 

I was preparing to make the next post in our series on overcoming pain when I got into a discussion with some people concerning a news report. What started as a “How did a couple get convicted for murder by a mere suggested hypothetical cause of death (The body was never found and they are now free and seeking restitution of their name) turned into a “Man deserves this because we took land that belonged to the animals” debate.

I love animals, but I get particularly irritated by this logic and argument so I added my two cents. Below is the conversation that ensued. As Believers, our world view stands in stark contrast to the world. Often times I hesitate to say anything because I fear I will be made a fool or fail in my attempt to share the truth.

They Have A Faulty World View but We Hesitate To Share!

It bothers me to see so many false accusations against Christ go unchallenged. Those deluded and blinded by sin clamor loudly, professing lies to a dying world and so often they go unchallenged. What keeps you from sharing? How do you know when to stand and share and when to refrain from “Casting your pearls before swine?”

We are told not to rebuke a scorner but we are told to correct the simple and they will learn. So what do you do when a scorner is speaking and the simple are listening? We do not have enough time and energy to refute every lie, but I don’t believe we can simply let the wicked speak without ever challenging them.

How would you share with a person who holds the views quoted below? Especially the one who equates “Christians” & God with the wars and oppression that grow each passing day?

I guess as I chatted with Bigevermo, I wasn’t so much trying to reach him, I was thinking about others who would read his claims and accept them as truth.

We are told to be ready to share about the Hope that empowers us. When do you share, and when do you knock the dust from your shoes and leave?

I am c******k, the others are the two I am chatting with:

@c*******k, I would say that we are not doing well with the ‘what sets us apart’ part. Humans have caused more death and destruction and permanent damage to this amazing planet than any plant or animal, native or not. We are the ones that need to be controlled – my opinion of course.

@ C*******k… Hence war, murder, abuse, neglect, oppression….. those have all been done by religious people with a “higher authority” moral code… it is a logical fallacy to say that man would have no moral code if it were not for a higher authority. MANY religious wars, Inquisitions, and other atrocities have been done in the name of God!!

just sayin… and to the OP… i cant believe these people were convicted with such circumstantial evidence…i hope they get their names cleared… at least as far as the court goes… i wonder if they will ever lose the reputation as killers of the own child…good luck people!

B********o @C*******k

Hey C******* YOUR religion of which i speak!!   you wrote:so He sent His Son,
so that means you are a Christian… never heard of the Holy Wars/, the Inquizition and other wars based on religious views? …….. so you see it is Religion and basic resources that is the cause of most if not all wars sir… the higher moral authoruty allows some people to think that they have a moral code that is “higher” than people without religion…point being… there are people without religion that have just as good or better moral codes than religious people… I know that this concept will be hard to wrap your brain around… but it is truth to me. 🙂

So, when do you share? When do you keep silent? What if you are not an expert, can you do more harm by standing up for the truth than if you just stay silent? I ended my discussion with B*******o by simply presenting the gospel and then I excused myself from the conversation.

Originally I posted my replies to the responses, but that made for long reading with little value to my point. What would you say to these people? Would you say anything? Why? Why not?


  1. This is an excellent question. I have several people in my life who have different answers to this question, so I don’t know if my perspective is completely correct or not. But here it goes.

    When a person is making accusations about Christianity in that fashion, I find that nine times out of ten (or perhaps an even higher percentage) that person has sustained immense pain or hurt from someone who called themselves a Christian. Looking back over the history of the faith, there have been a lot of opportunities for people to see Christians in a bad light (because we are human and fallible and make poor choices). While a lot of Holy Wars were fought in the name of Christ, a lot of them also had to do with plunder, revenge and scrutiny of people and things they didn’t understand. People do have the ability to do things in the name of Christ that won’t really be about Christ.

    When it comes to reaching people like the people in your post, I find that the only way to reach them is to have a relationship with them first. Looking at the way Christ lead his life, he spent time with the lost, having meals with them and talking with them. People have to know you honestly care before they would be willing to hear you. Even if other people listened to what these people were saying, God will usually put other people in their path to speak the truth to them as well.

    Anyway, I know that was probably more than you bargained for in a comment, but this is definitely something that’s been on my heart for a while.

    1. I really appreciate your reply. I think your dead on when you say the way to reach them is to develop a relationship with them. I think often times we share the truth and almost expect/demand acceptance. It is truth, makes sense to us and therefore should to them. When those we share with do not know us, they have possibly never seen the truth professed lived and evidence of a life transformed by Christ and that truth.

      It is easier to go up to a stranger, share the gospel and then run leaving the ball in their court. It is a labor of love to develop a relationship, and to earn the right to share, while living what is shared. Long term investment versus share and dash.

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